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Cyber Bullying - We Say NO!

Discussion in 'Combating Cyber Bullying' started by Disturbed Thoughts, Dec 24, 2017.

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  1. Disturbed Thoughts

    Disturbed Thoughts Administrator
    Staff Member

    Dec 19, 2017
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    With technology forever advancing, and technology getting into the hands of children at various ages, this means that for many the opportunity to be approached and the potential to be cyber bullied. Children of all ages are subjected to being bullied in the school playground, on the sporting field, and with the internet and technology not even their own household is a sanctuary away from the potential bullying now.

    Don't Be Horror-ble is established to stand against bullying - and therefore to Cyber Bullying we say no. And by joining this website you are joining us as we stand against Cyber Bullying.

    This section here is where as parents, as citizens of the world who are fed up with just how far things are going, and allows us to share ideas, tips or even a way to bounce ideas around to work out how we can effectively and efficiently fight against Cyber Bullying.

    There are absolutely no right or wrong ideas or suggestions, there is no silly ideas - there are just ideas, thoughts and discussions on how and what we can do in order to curve the growing epidemic.

    Enough children have taken their own lives, enough have contemplated doing so, and enough continue to go through the battle on a daily basis. So together we need to find the right way to stop Cyber Bullying.

    So please take a moment, start a new thread, read through others and share your ideas and suggestions on how we can work together to stop this.
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