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Important things to know

Discussion in 'Parental Awareness' started by Disturbed Thoughts, Dec 24, 2017.

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  1. Disturbed Thoughts

    Disturbed Thoughts Administrator
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    Dec 19, 2017
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    First of all everyone here at Don't Be Horror-ble are pleased that you have come to our website and have opted to join us in our fight against Bullying, in particular Cyber Bullying. You have taken a giant step to not only helping your child but also yourself.

    Here we are a support team, working together, knowing you have people that you can reach out to, get advice from and speak to when you need someone to speak to.

    So before you get started and in depth searching all of the discussions on our website, and connecting with others, we wanted to just reach out to you and let you in on a couple things we think you should know.

    What are some important things you need to know?
    Bulling is so much more difficult to deal with now-days with the advancement of technology children are no longer able to come home and escape their tormentors until the next day of school, now with phones, gaming consoles, laptops, personal computers and various other technology-based devices bullies are able to target their victim all day - every day.

    Cyber Bullying can be tough to stop, as your child can easily ignore or block the bully and in just a few moments the bully can have a new online account and once again bullying your child.

    It is important to learn and understand that the - Just Walk Away - technique can do more harm than good. Your child may be able to escape the lunchtime bullying however it just adds to bullies arsenal to attack your child online.

    When you are being Cyber Bullied you are being attacked by so many people with the ability to hide behind a computer screen, and anonymous names and/or identities.

    Adults don't realize how much Cyber Bullying is hurtful. As it didn't exist when people their age went through school. Cyber Bullying doesn't end when the school bell rings.

    - If your child comes to talk to you it is important to listen, to give proper advice and to try and nurture them. One way to stop cyber bullying is to monitor your child's account. Not because you don't trust your child, but you can not trust the others who have access to your child.

    - Having constant 'family' talks where there is no electronics and you sit as one letting your child know they can come to you if they have a problem.

    - If we are to stamp our all forms of bullying anti-bullying starts at home. While siblings will fight as parents we need to stop name calling and fighting between siblings as what happens at home usually carries into the playground and that means your childs fighting and name calling at home can be carried into what is meant to be a safe area for all children - the school play ground.

    So we now invite you to share your thoughts, advice, tips that you have seen work or at least curb Cyber Bullying, or bullying in general in and around your children.
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